Remote Data Transmission Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Module

Place of Origin:
Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Bluetooth Specification:
BLE 4.0(Bluetooth Smart)
Working Voltage:
2.7V-3.6V, suggest 3.3V
Average Working Current:
Standby static current:
Maximum transmission rate:
Default Baud Rate:
9600,you can set new baud rate by yourself
Effective Distance:
Working Frequency:
ISM 2.400~2.483MHz
Spread Spectrum:
Working Temperature:
Supply Ability:
3000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Packaging Details
Lead Time:
1-3 days for sample, 20-35 days for batch products



1.Excellent stability in data communication

2.High anti-interference performance

3.FCC/IC certificates for this module.

4. UART comms, Rx & Tx lines for comms.




JINOU Bluetooth 4.0 module achieved transferring data via far-end Bluetooth and UART port. When it powered on, it will enter communication mode or setting mode based on the power level of ModeSW.

Communication mode: The module works as slave Bluetooth. And the master Bluetooth on

far-end device can find and connect with it, then transfer data.


Setting mode: User can set parameter such as device name, baud rate, power management mode and so on. In this status, the module can not be found and connected, and it is always in awaking status.

The module has two kinds of power management: automatic dormancy and close down. Under setting mode, no matter two functions are stated or not, they will be closed.

Under automatic dormancy mode, the mode shows its character of low power consumption, while ensuring reliable communication. So we suggest user to turn on this function. But when this function is turned on, the awaking maintain pin also begins to work. So, before sending data to the module, users should set this awaking to maintain pin in high electrical level, and set it back to low electrical level after data transmission finished.


1.Excellent stability in data communication

2.High anti-interference performance

3.Bluetooth BLE 4.0(Bluetooth Smart)

4.FCC and IC certificates

5. Support Central/ Peripheral  

6. Point-to-point connection, point-to-multipoint connection

7. Support firmware online update

8. Built-in antenna working distance: max 50m

9. Automatically energy saving, supporting Bluetooth BLE(Bluetooth Smart)

10. Enable users to set the baud rate(1200-115200),modify displaying name; set master/slave mode( Central/ Peripheral ) ,set energy saving parameters, etc.

 11. RSSI output and carrier detecting

 12. Support multiple profiles, i.e.  LL,SMP,L2CAP,ATT,GAP,GATT.




1) Bluetooth Specification: BLE 4.0(Bluetooth Smart)

2) Working Voltage: 2.7V-3.6V, suggest 3.3V. 

3) Average Working Current: 0.1mA

4) Standby static current:0.4uA

5) Maximum transmission rate : send/receive-1.8Kbytes/s   

6) Default Baud Rate: 9600, you can set new baud rate by yourself

7) Effective Distance: 10-50m

8)  Working Frequency: ISM 2.400~2.483MHz

9)  Spread Spectrum: FHSS 

10)  Working Temperature:-40℃~+85℃ 

11)  Security Authentication:AES 128-bit



Healthcare product (heart rate, pulse, etc.) 

Motion wireless sensor (passometer, etc) 

Digital product 

Mobile phone wireless accessory 

Wireless sensor.

Wireless-Control-Port device (Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, controller, etc.)

Wireless Alerter (Bluetooth anti-lost)

Contact Information


Company Information

Chongqing Jinou Science & Technology Development CO., Ltd is established in September 2000. We focus on Bluetooth Technology as a leader in China for 14 years. 

Jinou Bluetooth Technology Research Institute

shoulders R & D task for our customers and helps them keep top position in their field needless to mention some of them even went IPO. 

Our engineers have published more than 10 works in Bluetooth technology, such as Bluetooth Technology, Bluetooth Protocol and Source Code Analysis, Wireless Local Area Network, Wireless Network Security, IPTV and Its Solution, Zigbee Technology and Cases Analyses, ULP Bluetooth Technology Specification Analyses, etc..

In addition, they also present more than 80 Disquisitions and more than 60 patents.

In recent years, Jinou has partnerships with Mediacom, GamestopMicrosoft,  ARM, InvengoHUAWEI,

POTEVIOSouthsurveyChongqing CHANGANHanweiSNBCNewland GroupHi TargetCMCC

China UNICOMCQTVIT University of CopenhagenPeking UniversityTsinghua University

Chongqing UniversityChongqing University of Posts and Telecommunication etc..

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